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Vero Beach – Municipal Marina Master Plan

Client: City of Vero Beach, Florida

Areas of Expertise: Marinas & Waterfront Development

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The City’s Municipal Marina is located on the Indian River Lagoon adjacent to the Atlantic ICWW. The Marina offers temporary and long-term dockage for over 3,000 visiting boats each year. Marina facilities may warrant upgrading and expansion to accommodate the increasing number of boats and larger boats that seek Marina dockage. Coastal-Tech is, with City staff, developing a Municipal Marina Master Plan.

Coastal Tech:

  • compiled, reviewed, and prepared a written summary of (a) existing data on the marina and adjacent waterways, (b) data deficiencies, and (c) pathways to resolve deficiencies – as needed to develop the Plan;
  • assessed structural conditions of existing docks and prepared a summary of conditions;
  • participated in meetings with the City’s Marine Commission and City Council to identify alternatives to be assessed and developed further;
  • developed a conceptual site plan for all alternatives;
  • is currently (i) assessing potential environmental impacts and the feasibility of obtaining State and Federal permits, (ii) developing an Opinion of Probable Construction costs; and (iii) identifying potential funding grants ;
  • will develop, with City staff, a draft Municipal Marina Master Plan for consideration and adoption by the City’s Marine Commission and subsequently by the City Council.

Construction Cost:   $To be determined

Completion:  2019-present