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Navarre Beach – Beach Berm & Dune Restoration

Client: Santa Rosa County, Florida

Areas of Expertise: Beach & Dune Restoration

Our shoreline is more important than ever. Let us help when you're looking to do a beach restoration.
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In 2006, Santa Rosa County placed about 2.9 million cubic yards of sand and native dune vegetation to restore about 4 miles of County beaches – including a protective dune feature. In 2016, the County conducted its first maintenance project including placement of 1.3 million cubic yards of sand. Although the Project has been impacted by numerous storms, the dune feature has not been significantly overtopped and remains mostly intact. This project won an American Shore and Beach Preservation Association (ASBPA) 2010 “Best Restored Beach” award.

Coastal Tech:

  • produced a Feasibility Study to identify the need and justification for the Project;
  • applied the REFDIF and GENESIS numerical models to simulate historical shoreline changes, evaluate Project alternatives, and predict project performance;
  • performed offshore geotechnical investigations to identify borrow areas containing beach compatible nearly pure quartz “sugar” sand – per local standards;
  • developed construction plans and Technical Specifications for construction – with provisions for relocation trawling of marine turtles within the borrow area;
  • obtained FDEP and the USACE permits;
  • performed construction administration for both the 2006 initial restoration and 2016 maintenance nourishment;
  • assisted the County in documenting storm impacts to the beach berm and obtaining FEMA funding for storm repairs; and
  • performed physical monitoring.

Construction Cost:  $31.1 Million

Completion:  2002- present