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Beach Access Improvements at 16th Avenue – New Smyrna Beach

Client: County of Volusia

Areas of Expertise: Water Resources

Come see how we had our hand in the beach improvements at New Smyrna Beach!
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The County seeks to develop public park to provide for public beach access. Proposed improvements include ADA compliant parking and dune walkover for pedestrian beach access with a stormwater collection system and an exfiltration trench.

Coastal Tech:

  • obtained a topographic and specific purpose survey of the Project site ;
  • obtained geotechnical services to evaluate in-situ materials;
  • provided customary conceptual, preliminary and final design of improvements;
  • will prepare, file, and process an FDEP CCCL application for the proposed improvements;
  • will assist the County with obtaining and reviewing bids; and
  • will support the County during construction.

Construction Cost:   To Be Determined

Completion:  2018-present