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Rocky Point Autograph Collection Hotel

Client: PFVS Architecture

Areas of Expertise: Marinas & Waterfront Development

We regularly work to ensure that projects like the Rocky Point Autograph Collection Hotel project is as safe as can be before construction. Find out more with Coastal Tech.

Storm Surge and Wave Load Analysis

A private property Owner proposed development of a new hotel to front Tampa Bay.  Coastal Tech was engaged to identify appropriate loads for design storm conditions and demonstrate compliance with State and local Codes.

Coastal Tech:

  • evaluated the storm surge flooding and storm wave loads upon the building(s) at the Project site associated with the 100-year return period storm event, consistent with FEMA,ASCE7-10, ASCE24-05, the Florida Building Code 2010, and City of Tampa Codes.
  • employed numerical modeling techniques – including the FEMACHAMP model, supplemented by simplified calculation methods to prescribe localized surge, wave, and eroded grade conditions at the Project site;
  • assessed the expected post-storm ground elevation, Stillwater Elevation, hydrostatic loads, hydrodynamic loads, and wave loads in accordance with FBC2010, ASCE7-10, ASCE24-05, and the FEMA Coastal Construction Manual;
  • prepared a letter report summarizing results to facilitate hotel design and demonstrate compliance with City of Tampa codes.

Fees:   $22,500

Completion:  2016-2017