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Saltwater Barrier in Loxahatchee River

Client: South Florida Water Management District

Areas of Expertise: Water Resources

The Saltwater Barrier at Loxahatchee River is one of our newest jobs. Find out more.

The South Florida Water Management District conducted a feasibility study for salinity management of the Loxahatchee River including assessment of a saltwater barrier immediately downstream of Jonathan Dickson State Park. Coastal Tech developed a numerical model to evaluate the effectiveness of the saltwater barrier to simulate flow and salinity transport over the barrier. Although the model predicted reduction of saltwater intrusion, due to navigation and ecological concerns the barrier was not constructed.

Coastal Tech:

  • developed, calibrated, and applied the numerical hydrodynamic model CH3D, a non-orthogonal curvilinear grid model;
  • modified CH3D to handle tidal flow over the saltwater barrier;
  • predicted the barrier hydraulic characteristics of the prospective barrier and its effects upon salinity; and
  • provided a summary report.

Fees: $10K

Completion: 2004