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Indian River County Beach Preservation

Client: Indian River County, Florida

Areas of Expertise: Beach & Dune Restoration

Curious about how the Indian River County Beach Preservation Project went? Find out more with CTC.

Indian River County adopted its initial “Beach Preservation Plan” in 1998; this plan provides for the restoration and maintenance of County Beaches divided into 8 sectors. As part of this Plan, the County:

  • placed about 560,592 cubic yards of sand to restore 6 miles of Sector 3 beaches; and
  • is expected as soon as late 2020 to maintenance nourish Sector 7 beaches.

In support of the County’s Beach Preservation Plan, Coastal Tech:

  • provided a 2008 Plan update developed with County staff and stakeholders;
  • provided professional services for the initial Sector 3 restoration including:
    • application of numerical and empirical models to assess performance of alternatives including their hardbottom impacts;
    • design to avoid hardbottom impacts – using either an offshore borrow area or upland sand sources;
    • environmental services to map and characterize hardbottom communities and identify turtle nesting and abundance surrounding the project area;
    • obtainment of FDEP and USACE permits;
    • construction plans and Technical Specifications; and
    • initial post-construction monitoring.
  • is currently providing professional services for the initial Sector 7 restoration including:
    • Public Outreach meetings;
    • Pre-Qualification of Upland Sand Sources (for all County projects);
    • Offshore Borrow Area evaluation and delineation;
    • mapping and characterization of nearshore hardbottom;
    • design of proposed beach-fill with “no impact” to nearshore hardbottom;
    • assistance to the County in obtaining construction easements;
    • obtainment of FDEP and USACE permits; and
    • bidding and construction contract award.

Completion: 2006 – 2012 (Sector 3); 2018-present (Sector 7)

Construction Cost: $14.7M (Sector 3)