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St. Lucie County – South County Beach & Dune Restoration

Client: St. Lucie County, Florida

Areas of Expertise: Beach & Dune Restoration

When St. Lucie County needed some shore restoration, we did our part to help. Find out more with CTC.

In the spring of 2013, St. Lucie County placed about 635,164 cubic yards of sand and native dune vegetation to restore about 3.4 miles of the County’s southernmost shoreline. This project won an American Shore and Beach Preservation Association’s (ASBPA) 2015 “Best Restored Beach” award.

Coastal Tech:

  • held numerous public meetings to engage stakeholders in plan formulation;
  • conducted a simplified “NED” analysis of alternatives to formulate the recommended plan – as a potential future federal project;
  • provided environmental services to map and characterize existing hardbottom communities within and surrounding the project area;
  • identified hardbottom impacts and negotiated mitigation for unavoidable impacts;
  • provided geotechnical services to identify 11 million cubic yards of beach compatible sand in an offshore borrow area;
  • formulated the project design to be constructed using either upland sand sources or offshore sand sources;
  • assisted the County with bids for the beach fill; the low bid for the beach fill was within 2% of Coastal Tech’s Opinion of Probable Cost,
  • assisted the County with formulation of a benefits-based Special Assessment District to generate the local share of project costs;
  • assisted the County with formulation of a regional project with Martin County – leading to state funding for the project as appropriated by the 2012 Legislature;
  • developed construction plans and Technical Specifications for construction;
  • obtained FDEP and the USACE permits;
  • provided beach-fill and mitigation reef construction oversight;
  • has provided monitoring of the Project and mitigation reef performance; and
  • assisted the County in identifying public access improvements to maximize federal cost-sharing under the future congressional authorized federal project.

Construction Cost:   $7.8M

Completion:  2007-present