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Bonita Beach / Lovers Key Beach Nourishment

Client: Lee County, Florida

Areas of Expertise: Beach & Dune Restoration

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Lee County initially restored Bonita Beach and, in partnership with the State Park Service, Lovers Key State Park in the 1990s. The first maintenance re-nourishment of Bonita Beach took place in 2004 using approximately 115,000 cubic yards of fill; shortly after, maintenance fill was also placed along critically eroded shoreline sections on Lovers Key.  Coastal Tech provided the professional services necessary to construct the second maintenance of both Project segments including placement of about 140,200 cubic yards on Bonita Beach and about 342,400 cubic yards on Lovers Key.

Coastal Tech:

  • conducted investigation of Big Carlos Pass Borrow Area including seismic survey, vibracores, and cultural resources assessment;
  • Assessed effects of Pass shoal dredging upon adjacent shorelines;
  • designed the Project to enhance performance;
  • obtained FDEP and USACE permits for the Project and prepared Construction;
  • prepared construction plans and Technical Specifications; and
  • provided construction phase services.

Construction Cost:   $4.7M

Completion:  2007-2014