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Over the years, Coastal Tech has acquired and/or developed a variety of models or programs to facilitate our analysis of coastal processes. It has become clear to us that, at the present time, no one model or type of model can be sufficiently general to apply to all coastal situations and engineering applications. Accordingly, different models (and different modules within models) are required for different time scales, coastal configurations, etc.

Dr. Todd Walton brings years of modeling experience to Coastal Tech Dr. Walton's research activities include: sand transport and erosion studies, water level analysis and time series simulation studies, littoral data collection methods studies, tidal inlet hydraulic studies, and beach modeling studies.

Numerical/Physical Modeling

•  Littoral Process/Shoreline Transformation
•  Wave Refraction and Diffraction
•  Dredging-Turbidity Dispersion
•  Hydrodynamics
•  Marina and Harbor Flushing


•  REF / DIF
•  RMA
•  CCCLa
•  CH 3D
•  RCP Wave
•  SMS 10.3
•  MIKE 21 2011 Release


Featured Modeling Project

Town of Palm Beach Coastal Structures

Client: Town of Palm Beach, FL

Coastal Tech developed and calibrated a numerical coupled wave and hydrodynamic model (MIKE21) of the Town’s beaches to better predict the shoreline response expected by proposed modified shore protection structure configurations. We performed a desktop analysis to collect historical survey, wave, tide, wind, sediment size data, as well as other data required to setup, calibrate, and validate the numerical model.

More Modeling Projects
 For more information on these projects, please contact us.
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