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Coastal Tech has considerable experience in the design of marinas, boat ramps, and docking and launching facilities. Using environmental assessments, marinas, docks, piers and other coastal structures can be designed by the Coastal Tech Team to intentionally minimize any impacts to wetlands, seagrasses, native vegetation, or oyster beds.
  • Marinas, Boat Ramps, Docks & Piers
  • New Facilities & Redevelopments
  • Anchorage Areas & Mooring Fields
  • Feasibility & Conceptual Plans
  • Preliminary & Final Design
  • Hydrodynamic Modeling & Flushing Studies
  • Environmental Permitting & Services

Marina Projects (Boat Ramps, Docks, Piers)

Coastal Tech has designed, permitted and provided construction phase services for a broad range of marine structure projects including bulkheads, seawalls, jetties, breakwaters, groins, revetments. Coastal Tech also has broad experience in assessment and rehabilitation of existing marine structures. Our project solutions are tailored to the specific conditions and needs of our clients. We have designed - soft structures (fill, living shorelines) where possible, supplemented by the use of hard structures (seawalls, revetments) where appropriate and cost-effective.

  • Bulkheads
  • Seawalls
  • Groins
  • Mitigation Reefs
  • Artificial Surf reefs
  • Living Shorelines
Featured Marine Structures Project

Town of Palm Beach Coastal Structures Inventory & Assessment

Client: Town of Palm Beach

In order to support future efforts by the Town of Palm Beach to update its’ Comprehensive Coastal Management Plan (CCMP), Coastal Tech was contracted to perform an assessment of coastal structures within the Town. Coastal structures in the Town significantly affect Town beaches. These structures include groins, and shore parallel works (seawalls, bulkheads, and revetments).

Other Marine Structure Projects

   For more information on these projects, please contact us.

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